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Gallagher Bros
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About us

Gallagher Bros. is a family-owned business founded in 1919 which now employs 200 people. Based in Killybegs, the company has three processing plants in Co. Donegal. Two plants are located at Killybegs and one is located at Teelin. Gallagher Bros. is also engaged in deep sea pelagic trawling through Ocean Trawlers Ltd. which operates R.S.W. pelagic fishing vessels out of the premier fishing port of Killybegs.

The company also owns Ocean Farm Ltd., a Salmon farming company located in Donegal Bay. Ocean Farm Ltd. operates two sea sites in the clear, unpolluted waters of Donegal Bay and the company has been awarded the 'Irish Quality Salmon Scheme' under IFQC approved scheme Mark 001 and 002.